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SiteGround unique is our extraordinary team of individuals who put their passion, dedication, and expertise into taking care of our customers’ websites. The service they provide is stable, secure and super fast thanks to the special tools

Siteground launched in 2004  Powerful platform recommended by and trusted by the owners of over 2,800,000 domains. Every year, our customers confirm this fact giving us many five-star reviews and satisfaction rates close to 100%.

SiteGround get hundreds of five-star ratings and the quality of their service gets praised all over. Read here what real customers have to say about our hosting, why they rate our service high, and what makes us different from the rest.

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SiteGrounds web hosting is carefully built for maximum server speeds, unmatched security, and 24/7 quick, professional care by the Team at SiteGround. SiteGround is a cheap, outstanding web hosting service thanks to SiteGrounds amazing support, uptime, security focus, and server speed.

Their web hosting plans are tailored to provide both speed and security, and they are equipped with features such as daily backups and free recovery, 24/7 support, 99.99% uptime, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Siteground is known for its stellar customer service, rock-solid, and speedy hosting plans. SiteGround offers a wide variety of hosting options, plans in various price points, and phenomenal customer support.

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Advantages of SiteGround

While not the most inexpensive web hosting service out there, SiteGround offers many benefits such as fast speeds, useful website creation tools, and impressive customer support. While SiteGround is a solid choice for web hosting, particularly if your biggest concern is website response times, SiteGround is not the most affordable. Like many web hosting providers, it uses discounted initial prices (that skyrocket after you renew) in an attempt to win over new customers.

SiteGround offers a fair amount of hosting types, plenty of performance-enhancing tools, and great customer service for a fair price. When compared with other web hosting services, the biggest differentiator is that SiteGround offers better customer support. Overall, SiteGround is a quality web hosting service which may be perfect for small businesses, startups, and new website owners looking for a convenient platform with good customer support.

Why Shoose SiteGround

Fast speeds and tons of additional features perfect for beginners as well as power users makes SiteGround a great web hosting option. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced, SiteGround makes an excellent web hosting option, since you will get efficiency, solid uptime, impeccable performance, excellent support, top-notch security, and premium features no matter what hosting plan you purchase. In fact, SiteGround takes care of your setup through optimized managed WordPress hosting, a service that grants your site improved security, automated daily backups, page caching, staging, and automated updates of the content management system.

If you are looking for a hosting company with an international focus, an emphasis on robust technical features, and an entire roadmap for the site you are going to grow, you may want to take advantage of the steep discounts available for SiteGround hosting plans. SiteGrounds most affordable plan, StartUp, starts at $2.99 per month and provides hosting for a single website, as well as 10GB of webspace and the companys core WordPress features, including free WordPress transfers, daily backups, and unlimited traffic.

While it is outperformed competitors such as Bluehost and DreamHost in terms of pricing, SiteGround does a lot better in terms of speed, performance, security, and basic hosting features. Siteground is a top-tier WooCommerce host provider, and it makes starting an online shop extremely simple with no specific tech skills required. Site owners also get access to the technical support teams at SiteGround, which is a perk few other website hosting services provide.

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SiteGround has some performance issues, and it probably wouldn’t be a great choice if your hosting needs are very complex. However, for a basic website, the excellent user experience could make it worth the money – especially if this is your first time hosting a website.