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Types of Web Hosting Services
Apr 2, 2021

Web Hosting Features

Finding web hosting provider looks like a difficult job. You think you’ve found a provider, on the other hand another one offers some Web hosting features a touch different than the primary provider. So you have to decide what to do. Many of the features you won’t even use. A Web host provider will add a lot of features to your package to make it enticing. Instead of talking about all the features, i will be able to discuss which of them are important. If you’ve got an easy website, you’ll combine these features with an inexpensive web hosting package and be okay. Below are the most important features.

1. Disk Space

One of the most important concerns you’ll have is what proportion disk space(also disk storage or web space) you’ll need. It all depends on how your website is made . First, let me tell you that Web host providers will show you disc space they supply you in either GB(gigabyte) or MB(megabyte). 1 GB equals 1024 MBs. Website with only text can get by with about 20 megabytes. However, if you add graphics and videos, you’ll need more disc space . The more belongings you increase your website, the more disc space you’ll need.

2. Bandwidth
Bandwidth(or data transfer) is that the amount of data your website can deliver to visitors that surf your site. When someone visit your website or downloads anything from your site, they’re using bandwidth. A Web hosting provider usually gives you a month to month supply of bandwidth. If you’re planning on having an internet site with few visitors, then the minimum bandwidth allowed by your provider(between 1GB and 5GBs) should be enough.

Here is a few information you would like to understand once you are calculating bandwidth:
1024 Byte = 1 Kilobyte (KB); 1024 Kilobyte(KB) = 1 Megabyte(MB) ; 1024 Megabyte = 1 Gigabyte(GB)
Note: Some Web host providers don’t calculate bytes in 1024’s. They instead use 1000 to make it easier. This is something to recollect if your calculations are a touch different than the providers. You should ask your provider if you would like to understand which number they use.

3. FTP
FTP(File Transfer Protocol) may be a method of transferring files from one computer to a different . This gives you the power to upload your website to your Web hosting provider. In addition, it makes life easier because you’ll copy many files at just one occasion .

4. Customer Service

Technical Support is incredibly important. you ought to find a corporation that offers you 24/7 customer service. you will have some issues along with your website that require to induce taken care of straight away. The longer the wait, the more potential visitors to your website you’ll be losing.

5. Email Services

You definitely want to possess email access so you will not must give your personal email address to visitors of your website. you must get some email addresses to use for various reasons.

6. Site Statistics

Site Statistics are important because you’ll be able to keep track of what percentage people are visiting your website. Therefore, you’ll be able to understand how well your site is doing. additionally, you may be able to determine what proportion bandwidth is being employed.

7. Reliability

If you discover an inexpensive web hosting plan, it dosesn’t suggest you cannot depend upon them. Further more, you must have a provider you’ll forecast to stay your website up and running. Most web host can guarantee your site are up and running 99.9% of the time. If you come upon an online host that guarantees less uptime, i would not recommend you utilize their services.


These seven features, in my opinion, are features you ought to have for a basic website. Now if you’re planning on doing over putting basic information on your site, then you ought to study other features which will pertain with what you’re visiting do. As an example, if you are going to run programs on your website, then you’ll have to look at the various sorts of scripts( PHP, CGI, PERL, SSI, etc….). Another example is that if you’re doing business online then you would like to possess security on your site like SSL.

As I said earlier, there are a lot of features that include your web host package, but most of them you will not need. If you would like quite the seven listed above, chances are high that you already know what you would like because you may have built your website around those features. These seven are for an individual who wants to place a basic website together, with information about their business. Now all you wish to try to toto to  is locate a reasonable web hosting provider to travel with these features and you’re on your way.

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